• Dual motor system

  • Wireless joystick for 360° motion control

  • Autopilot App in development

PacMotor paddles so you don't have to


PacMotor’s frame is designed to fit 95% of kayaks of all shapes and sizes. Mechanical strength and flexibility at key joints makes PacMotor easy to slip right onto your boat or kayak.


PacMotor installs firmly and securely without the need for bolts or drilling into your kayak. The PacMotor frame is supported by two front ratchet straps, while its triangular shape pulls into place for a snug and damage-free fit.


PacMotor’s lightweight aluminum frame is connected by extra-strength nylon joints and secured by stainless-steel bolts and screws. This means that PacMotor is durable yet easy to carry, and won’t weigh down your vessel.


PacMotor’s dual-thruster system provides unmatched steering capabilities even in rough waters. Plus, our lightweight design means you can cruise longer on average than with traditional built-in motors.

Turn 360° easily with two motor system

  • PacMotor’s patent-pending dual-motor design offers an unbeatable level of control. Single-motor designs force you to turn in a wider radius, making navigation clumsy and imprecise. Unlike the competition, PacMotor is the first and only dual-motor system on the market.

  • Typical vessels rely on the use of a keel for steering and stability. Instead, PacMotor uses propellers to adjust your course, simply by altering the speed and direction of the propellers’ rotation. PacMotor lets you turn a full 360° circle when you want to move and keeps you in place when you don’t. Enjoy exceptional maneuvering and remote-control responsiveness on every course.

  • Rest and relax

    Go out on the water with zero hassle. With the motors lowered into the water, there’s no extra effort required to keep your kayak on course. Just sit back and relax, enjoying the natural beauty all around you.

  • Or make it a workout

    Looking to sweat? Whenever you’re ready to start paddling, the motors can be lifted out of the water in one easy motion. This feature is also great for passing through shallows or avoiding underwater obstacles. Physical activity should be fun, not exhausting.

Change the game with wireless joystick

  • Go wireless

    PacMotor’s wireless remote control uses Bluetooth technology to navigate your vessel. The range of our Bluetooth remote is about 30 feet, and is built with a safety feature that will not allow the motors to run when a connected remote is not detected.

  • Multitask friendly

    When maneuvering is as easy as the push of your thumb, you can feel free to cast your fishing line, take some photos, or relax while steering your kayak at the same time.

  • Take-charge battery display

    No more guessing about your charge. With two separate displays, PacMotor shows you exactly how much battery life is left in the remote and in the motor. As an additional safety feature, our motor is designed to turn off if the remote battery dies or malfunctions.

  • Float on

    In case it falls overboard, PacMotor’s remote control is designed to float at the water’s surface. No sinking, no stressing.

Enjoy the outstanding performance

PacMotor goes from set up to launch in 5 minutes flat

PacMotor easily attaches to 95% of kayaks right out of the box. Thanks to a patented mounting system, it requires no screws and keeps the hull of kayaks and canoes undamaged.

  • Compact portability

    When folded for storage and transport, PacMotor’s dimensions are compact

    • PacMotor 10" x 22” and weighs 9 Lbs
    • Battery 10" x 9" and weighs 12 Lbs
  • Adventure made accessible

    When the joy of kayaking becomes more accessible, time together outdoors is more fun. Go further, stress less. PacMotor makes it easier to discover the world.

  • Only 9 pounds weight

    PacMotor is the only system on the market that will allow your kayak to make a 360-degree skid steer turn on a dime.

  • Evenly balanced

    Thanks to the two thrusters and the lightweight design the weight is balanced evenly so the kayak obeys the slightest finger move to the remote control.

  • Joystick controlled

    The wireless controller is super easy to use. Just like a gaming controller, you can press the joystick forward or back, right or left and move in any direction.

More powerful than you think

The kayak's balance, twin motors, and cruise control provide enhanced pushing power, stability on the course, and wave resistance. Every pound of thrust from PacMotor's system feels more potent than that of single motor systems.

Multi-battery compatibility for safe returns against the current

PacMotor is compatible with any 12V marine battery. With it on board, you are in control of your journey. Operating time may vary depending on speed, but on average you can expect 4 hours of running for 4 hours of charging.

Safe navigation in shallow areas "Safety First"

You can switch between paddling and motor in one easy motion. Super shallow areas can be paddled with the motor up. Once you have crossed over the sandbar the motors can be lowered back down.