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Step 1 - Place PacMotor with the logo face down on the table and remove 4 Phillips head screws. Once the screws are completely loose, you can flip over the unit to help shake out the loose screws.

Step 2 - Use a flathead screwdriver to pry open the lid separating the clear silicone glue.

Step 3 - Plug the battery into the PacMotor head unit and turn it on. This allows power to the PCB for pairing the new remote.

Step 4 - To get the new remote ready to pair, first turn on the remote. After the remote is turned on and you see a steady blue light, then hold the power button again but this time hold for 10-15 seconds, until the lights start to flash blue and red.

Note: If you are having trouble holding the button for this long because of the tough rubber, please use two thumbs or a blunt object to engage the switch for 10-15 seconds. Alternatively you can remove the PCB from the remote to easily engage the switch inside.

Step 5 - Once the remote is in alternating red and blue mode. Press the button once quickly on the PacMotor head unit. Both lights will now be flashing red and blue. Once both lights stop flashing and go blue they are paired and will remain paired.

Step 6 - Use the clear silicone and run a small bead around the edge, then place the lid back on and tighten down the 4 screws. Use a paper towel to clean up excess glue after the lid has been secured.