Welcome to the FAQ section of PacMotor, Feel free to explore the questions below, and if you don't find the information you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to ensure your trolling motor experience is smooth, enjoyable, and most importantly, successful on the water!

Happy Fishing! 🎣

Shipping Information

How will my parcel be delivered?

During the checkout process, you can choose from the different shipping options we offer. Our team will receive your order details within one day and start to package the goods to be delivered. Boxing and delivery is handled by our shipping company that we hire.

Do I pay for delivery?

During the checkout process, you can choose from different shipping options that are available. There will be many delivery shipping options and prices will depend on your location.

Will I be charged customs fees?

Yes, depending on the cost of your order. If you need to figure out estimates or have questions please email us at accounts@pacmotor.com.

My item has become faulty?

We offer 60 days replacement warranty.

Orders and Returns

Tracking my order

Once your order has been shipped we will email you a tracking number. You can also login to your PacMotor account to see status updates and tracking number if it has been set.

I haven't received my order

Suppose your order has not been shipped, we are maybe behind on assembly. PacMotor is a new product to market and we have been working hard to fill orders as quickly as possable. If you have further questions please email us at accounts@pacmotor.com

How can I return an item?

To be eligible for return we need to see you have paid for the warranty. The warranty will pay for return shipping and repairs. To start the return process please email accounts@pacmotor.com


What payment types can I use?

You can use all major credit cards and/or debit cards.

Can I pay using gift cards?

No, sorry we do not offer gift cards at the moment.

I can't make a payment

If you are seeing errors when trying to check out or you cannot proceed as expected, please email us at accounts@pacmotor.com

Has my payment gone through?

After completing the checkout process, you will receive a confirmation email receipt. You can also login to your PacMotor account to see orders under the accounts tab.

Customer Comments or Concerns

How PacMotor saves me money?

I like the fact that it would not interfere with my pedal drive and would fit both of my kayaks that have vastly different hull designs. I was looking at a Bixby but this is lower in price plus would work better in the shallow marshes here in Texas.

I'll be seriously interested once they come out with a GPS enabled version

I’ll be seriously interested once they come out with a GPS enabled version.

Will it work for fishing in the marsh?

This would be a great idea for fishing in the marsh. If it can expand wide enough, I can see putting one on my small Jon Boat for fishing in the marsh. I can’t pole my boat as well as I once did. Having this would be fantastic. I’ll have to check out their website.

What happens if it hit something?

The PacMotor is designed with a little bit of movement. The bottom strap will allow for some relief.

What if weeds get in the propeller?

We have designed PacMotor so that you can lift up motor while sitting in the kayak, allowing you to clear out the motor.

Will it work on a canoe?

Yes, it will! We have tested PacMotor on a 12 foot canoe and 14 foot canoe.

will it work on a Paddle-board?

Yes, we have designed PacMotor to be adjustable for paddle-boards. You will need to slightly raise up the from off the board about 5 inches. We have developed paddle-board risers for this. Please email us to inquire.

How long will it run?

When we tested PacMotor, here were our approximate run times based on speed: High speed: 3.5 hours | Medium speed: 6 hours | Low speed: 20 hours

Is PacMotor battery required for operation?

The battery sold separately but not required to use our battery for operation. PacMotor will work with any 12-16V marine battery but our battery is specifically designed to complement the dual-motor system to unleash its full potential.

How do I pair a replacement remote?

See our help section for remote replacement directions and video steps. Or email us at accounts@pacmotor.com for links